Bob Sapp vs. Mike Tyson (@MikeTyson)

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At the Bellagio in 2003

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zaidi mahboul says:

guy’s stop all that talk tyson can ko him now and any time that all he never think to hit him his is so fuucking stupid mother fuuucker

buckhoy1977 says:

In 2 those that don’t know self defence, a knife hand is not useing an actual knife.

buckhoy1977 says:

I like big guys they fall harder then a small guy! But of course not in mma. I have 2 use my eye gouges n knee kicks n growing kicks.n a knife hand 2 the adams apple! Lol!

papp lajos says:

Tyson pushed out the bitch’s head Bob Sapp Tyson’s best!!

freethinker1960111 says:

yea he handle himself as a gentleman b’cause he chickened out.

Dodheimsgard81 says:

Allah? hahahahahahaha

tooakki says:

The World loves Tyson, period.

goonaffiliated88 says:

Tyson will fuck that dude up! Don’t mess with a champ like Tyson

BB2B3 says:

Mike Tyson (rare footage) lol


TomosLeszno says:

bob nice hair on neck..

NerveKong says:

mike tyson should have fought this guy.the head is one of the softest parts of the human anatomy.

Ahmed Malin says:

Sapp keeps fucking around and he’s gonna end up an ear short

BrokenBon3sx says:

Sapp would of beat Tyson at that point. However, Tyson in his prime would have literally ended Sapps life

lealrz says:

MIKE pra mim o melhor lutador de boxer de todos os tempos rapido e mortal, porem tinha um ponto fraco não tinha resistencia a porrada, mais com toda certeza iria destruir esse sapp q perdeu do minotauro brasil…

Alan Lawrence says:

Mike Tyson would have this big guy for a snack.

1904qwerty says:

search “Bruce mihai lee” on youtube :)

MrGingo81 says:

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KillerSaiyan says:

I’m pretty sure even out of his prime, Tyson would have murdered Sapp. Not only is Tyson one of the most vicious fighters ever to fight but Sapp is also one of the biggest pansies to ever fight.

widelek09 says:

Beast is calm cause he knows he could knock fat ass with a single punch, what a fucking joke Bob Sapp

Apidium says:

Just look at Bob Sapp’s fights on Youtube, the guy’s a fucking joke. I haven’t watched one fight of his where he wins.

rydeoride says:

Lol Bob Sapp couldn’t abuse Tyson even if he was in handcuffs.. No stamina or technique, just a big nobody who swings like a girl

azaproc says:


bitaruu says:

Did they fucking fight?

alcapone montana says:

lol “i sign in blood punk” and no reaction from the crowd

JoeBreeeeezy17 says:

Mike Tyson could STILL knock his ass out, in his prime or not.

evgene andercen says:


Ziwco Nawalean says:

so fake….

firepill says:

love your comment

prokickboxer123 says:

Mike would knock out bob sapp in 1 round in boxing …..
In MMA bob sapp would abuse mike in the middle of the ring…

TheDarklord0211 says:

He makes money from these fights, doesn’t matter if he wins or not. He he just acted like a pussy around Mike then he would lose his fucking career.

You’re the fucking retarded one for thinking hes retarded for doing his job.

McFitw NoOne says:

1:31 Issi :D

Eric Giordano says:

forget his prime buddy tyson would ko him now

cypressspm13 says:

The mark of the quuenbury

Iwillcomebacktoyou says:

Please guys, could one of you write down for me what Mike and Bob said during their dispute? I don’t talk too much english but I can understand easily if it’s written.

draggonboy1000 says:

mike didn’t take that mucha damage until the end bub…drugs are bad is why

stonepown says:

yea thats true and i like what you said at the end there lend him an ear lmfao

Carlos Alvarez says:

he is also a rapist

Todd Welch says:

This is what separates nigger from African American.

bojan miljkovic says:

bob sapp je smesan….

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